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At Banzai, our sole purpose is to develop products which deliver powerful benefits to both body and mind.


A fine line can exist between mental and physical strength and the two are closely linked scientifically. Banzai understands this relationship between the physical and mental realms and seeks to harness the mind in order to maximize control over the body.


A mental edge is necessary in all facets of life and a healthy mind is essential to perform at your peak. Whether you need an advantage in physical performance or intellectual challenges, Banzai has a product that will help you gain the mental fortitude to smash your goals immeasurably. 


Through our cognitive enhancing ingredients, we seek to advance;​

Our Products

Our supplements will have you performing at top speed to push the limits of what you’re capable of achieving. Our products don’t leave you feeling sluggish and drained after an initial boost, as we offer a release of sustained energy that keeps you focused and determined for hours so you can be the best you have ever imagined possible. BANZAI!!!!!

We developed our products to help our friends who work in Tokyo climbing the corporate ladder. These Japanese businessmen, also known as a salaryman are often a victim of karōshi due to the strenuous work hours their job requires, in addition to the mandatory after-hours socializing and drinking that their jobs require. They are often invited to nomikai or "drinking parties," to build better connections between coworkers in the company. A common saying in Japan is, 'if you want to work your way up the corporate ladder you have to drink.' Since not everyone can keep up with the pace and immersion of salaryman life, stress-induced sickness and even death has become fairly common. So we decided to develop products to help our colleagues gain the edge they needed to succeed. As word spread so too did demand and Banzai was born and now we export to the world.


Karōshi (過労死), which can be translated literally as "overwork death" in Japanese. 

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