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As a group of biohackers and pharmacists we believe in unlocking the full potential of the mind and body.


Formulated in our state of the art laboratories in Japan, we bring cutting edge nutritional research and development to create potent nutritional products that deliver what they promise… Unparalleled energy and performance. ­­


We manufacture products that are effective, precise, and safe from GMP certified facilities around the world.


We’re continually evolving our products as we better understand human cognition and biohacking. This expertise and data is used to constantly evolve and improve our offerings. At Banzai, we are very proud that our products are at the cutting of the latest science and research.


We use our products every day as we too seek to maximize our potential as well as attend as many nomikai parties we can.

The ingredients we use have been proven so effective that they are

used to enhance the stamina and endurance of soldiers and astronauts.

Some of our formulas are not World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) compliant. Whilst our products are safe they do contain recognized performance enhancing ingredients that are not allowed in professional sport. It would be an unfair advantage for professional athletes to use our products as they deliver such a powerful edge at improving performance in both body and mind, it would simply be a no-contest against their competitors! So as long as you are not a professional athlete subject to WADA compliance, give yourself a competitive edge both physically and mentally and take Banzai for extreme performance enhancement.

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